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Full Moon Over Camelot

Released on January 28, 2012

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A beast to threaten even the mighty King Arthur

In the time of Camelot the knights of King Arthur rule the land, but they are not alone. The realm is also home to beasts which aren't quite animal and aren't quite human. The King's subjects have maintained an uneasy truce with these creatures. Until now.

An old foe has gained control of the beasts, and they are no longer content to lie in wait. There are only two possible outcomes for the Knights of the Round Table: emerge victorious, or watch the green fields of Britain turn blood red under the full moon.

This book is currently only available in ebook form via Amazon. If you would like a copy for another reading device, please contact us. The paperback can be ordered wherever you buy books, or you can get a signed copy by contacting us!

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