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Alive And Worldwide

James Robb Thrillers #3

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"Talbot is a rising star worth following." - JEREMY ROBINSON, bestselling author of the Jack Sigler thrillers

Terrorism has a new face. And a new gender

The brutal murder of the Swiss Ambassador to the United States. A daring raid on a remote military base in Canada. Unlike the highly public attacks the previous year, these incidents remain out of the public eye and have no apparent purpose.

Or do they? FBI agent James Robb knows they're related, two attacks on highly protected targets. But he has no clue about the motive. Is the female killer of the ambassador working alone, or is she part of a larger scheme.

He needs answers, and fast. As different factions start to take shape from the meager clues, he can only hope that he follows the right leads. When an old enemy is captured at the scene of one of the attacks, Robb knows that it is only a matter of time before the terrorists once again strike at the heart of America.

This book is currently only available in ebook form via Amazon. If you would like a copy for another reading device, please contact us.

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